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How Do Tufts’ Computer Science Students Stay Ahead of Technology Changes?

March 6, 2024

The technology industry is undergoing explosive growth, from artificial intelligence to immersive reality to bioengineering. The Global Market Model projects IT spending to increase by eight percent worldwide between 2023 and 2024 (reaching approximately five trillion US dollars) as industries harness technology’s cutting-edge capabilities to advance their businesses. 

The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that computer and information technology jobs will grow 21% over the next decade to meet the increased demand. In today’s marketplace, however, a shortage of qualified talent could limit the growth potential of many industries.

That’s one reason that now is an excellent time to develop or level up your computer science skill set with an online Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science or MS in Computer Science from Tufts University. The need for computer science professionals to master foundational principles and cultivate lifelong learning skills is another. With engaged faculty supporting students’ discovery and invention, Tufts prepares graduates to become the technological innovators and leaders this field demands.

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Experience a Curriculum Built on Career Demand 

With two online options to build computer science knowledge and skills, Tufts University’s virtual degrees offer the same cutting-edge courses and knowledgeable professors as on-campus classes. Students develop their aptitude through live discussions and asynchronous interactive multimedia content while completing a constantly evolving curriculum that meets the latest industry advancements.

The Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science provides rapid completion options—as short as a single semester—for students new to the computer science field. Coursework in database systems, security, software engineering, and machine learning boosts key competencies to kickstart an exciting career in technology.

The MS in Computer Science degree constitutes the next step for computer science undergraduates or students who have completed the Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science. This interdisciplinary program brings together faculty, students, and industry experts to explore the leading edge of computer science. Coursework subjects, including artificial intelligence, computer security, and computation theory, are continually updated to keep pace with the latest computer science innovations.

Study With a Knowledgeable Faculty 

Tufts’ computer science faculty are leaders in research and innovation, with deep industry experience and a calling to mentor the next generation of technology leaders. As part of the School of Engineering, the Department of Computer Science is committed to fostering a collaborative learning environment centered on the latest industry trends and advancements.

Faculty push limits in the computer science field. Their projects and research span the dynamic topics of computational and systems biology, cognitive science, machine learning and data science, robotics and human-robot interactions, and more. Recent faculty work includes:

  • Professor and Department Chair Jeffrey Foster received an Amazon Research Award for his proposal to provide a toolkit for automated testing of the coding language Dafny. 
  • JP de Ruiter‘s work aims to improve our understanding of how humans and artificial agents can use language, gestures and other signals to communicate effectively.
  • Michael C. Hughes is helping clinicians automatically diagnose cardiovascular disease from ultrasound images of the heart to predict mortality risk. 
  • Marty Allen’s recent research involves multiagent reinforcement learning and the application of simulation and machine learning to complex biological systems.

Be Part of a World-Class Research Institution

As members of the computer science department, online students join Tufts’ greater community of scholars, researchers, and faculty. A truly collaborative and inclusive environment, Tufts is guided by its mission as a student-centered research university dedicated to creating and applying knowledge.

Research by the numbers:

  • $383 M+ in sponsored research dollars (2020-21)
  • 151 patents issued since 2016
  • 65 university research centers and institutes
  • 2,800+ publications by Tufts faculty since 2020

Led by members of the Tufts faculty, the research centers and institutes contribute extensively to students’ education through interdisciplinary collaboration at the university.

  • The Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Foundational Interactions brings together a cross-departmental group to develop and advance the field of integrated artificial intelligence.
  • Tufts Gordon Institute establishes a hub for entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, and management within the School of Engineering. The institute offers programs, workshops, short courses, and professional education opportunities.
  • Center for Applied Brain and Cognitive Sciences builds interdisciplinary research teams to conduct state-of-the-art research and development to measure, predict, and enhance cognitive capabilities and human-system interactions for individuals and teams working in high-stakes environments.  
  • Data Intensive Studies Center enables excellence in data science scholarship and education at Tufts through funding, training, fellowships, and resources.

Learn Alongside Diverse Classmates and Peers

The online Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science and MS in Computer Science programs at Tufts University provide the best of both worlds: face-to-face virtual class time with classmates and professors and self-paced coursework you complete on your schedule. 

The dynamic virtual environment brings together a diverse group of computer science students worldwide. Different professions, opinions, and experiences create a truly inspiring learning environment where inquiring individuals collaborate, innovate, and accomplish. 

Once you complete your program, you will join a robust alumni network of over 100,000, providing access to computer science professionals around the world.

Stay Ahead of Technology at Tufts With a Computer Science Certificate 

The technology world needs dynamic and innovative leaders to fill essential roles and lead innovation. Choose between kickstarting your computer science career with an online Post Baccalaureate Certificate in Computer Science from Tufts or leveling up your technical knowledge with a MS in Computer Science. The 100 percent online format makes it easier to bolster your credentials as you strengthen your skill set. 

Find out more by contacting an enrollment advisor or submit your application if you’re ready.

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